Tuesday, December 29, 2009

7 Months!!!!

Who is 7 months old now? This big boy in his new high chair (thanks Aunt Jane!) eating some Puffs. Sorry for the blurry hand, its so hard to get a good picture these days cause Weston is constantly wiggling! He turned 7 months old on the 27th. Wessie-poo, what are you up to these days........ You are constantly smiling. Everyone that sees you talks about what a BEAUTIFUL smile you have. Its the sweetest smile ever! You take six 6 oz bottles a day. You eat cereal and fruit for breakfast and veggies and fruits for dinner. You are starting to eat snacks and will probably start eating lunch very soon too. You LOVE to eat and I'm always scared you're gonna make yourself sick because it takes so much food to fill you up! You are still sleeping like a champ. You have been since you were about 6 weeks old. Thank you! You love to sleep-guess you get that from your daddy! You are in size 9 month clothes and size 3 Pampers. You keep a yucky cough so we have to do breathing treatments with a nebulizer and Albuterol two times a day. I hope you get better so we don't have to do them anymore! You love to play on the floor and roll EVERYWHERE. When you get on your belly you flap your arms and legs and look like you're swimming. You want to go SO bad. I know you will probably be crawling very soon! You have just said your first word and guess what it is? Ma-Ma! You love to babble lots of different sounds but this one is my favorite. You love to take a bath in your duckie bath tub, love to have company over, love to go to the mall grocery store, or anywhere else where there is alot going on so you can check everything out, love to play with your cool toys you got for Christmas and you love to chew on EVERYTHING! You have been so much fun from the beginning and every day we have more and more fun with you. You are such a joy and blessing to us and to everyone you are around. I pray that I never take the time I have with you for granted and that I savor every single day and hour and minute of your sweet little life. Thank you for giving us the best 7 months! We look forward to every month ahead! Love you so much Wessie-poo!!!!!!!

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