Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown!!

So, Its Tuesday and now 3 days until Christmas. Its all been so exciting this year because we will be celebrating with Weston for the first time; even though I know he probably wont really even know whats going on! This year our family is trying not to go crazy and broke on getting presents for each other but to focus more on making the time we spend together special, and most importantly celebrating the real reason of Christmas....JESUS' BIRTHDAY!! I hope that Weston grows up always knowing what the celebration is all about. Its been a little hard (because everything is SO cute) but we have tried not to go overboard and buy him tons of things that he really doesnt need. The one big thing that I cant wait for him to have is his Radio Flyer pony. It is so adorable and I know he will be able to get use out of it for a long time, and we got it for a great deal which makes it even better! Then we got him some 9 month clothes that he needs since he is starting to bust out of his 6 month stuff. I'll have to get busy packing all those away too. Its always so sad to me to pack away clothes to bring in the bigger ones. It happens too fast!! Surprisingly our December has been pretty calm so far, but I think this week and next will make up for all that. Its all gonna be great though. I hope that I remember to stop and make sure that I am soaking it all in! Merry Christmas week!

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