Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Our Saturdays lately have been filled with duck hunting for the guys. Can we say OBSESSED? I think they are. Its pretty hilarious! They get up super early and go out in the freezing cold to sit and wait on the ducks to shoot at. Josh, Carson and Davis. Steven, Blake and a few others were missing this day.
Their kill for the day. Pretty good, but I still don't have enough for a meal! And usually if we don't have any plans, Weston and I stay home and play and hang out, which I love since we don't get to do this during the week. This is my view and its the best. He is always holding his hands in some kind of sweet way. They are so sweet and chubby.
And he wakes up....
and says MOM, enough with the pictures already!!!!
He is so used to going all the time since he is at Uncle Steven's or Aunt Jane's every day, that if we stay in the house for too long he starts going stir crazy (I think he gets that from me) so one of our favorite things to do is go to the mall. I know it sounds kind of lame to just go hang out at the mall all the time but he loves it. He loves to look at all the people and stuff in the stores. He is nosey and loves to check everything out.
Last time we were there Carson and I were talking about how different our weekends are from a few years ago. Usually we would be getting all ready to go out to eat and to hang out downtown with friends at some music show. My how the times have changed! We still love those kinds of night when we get the chance but now our Saturday night out is like to the mall and Wal-Mart (how we end up at WM every time I have no clue, we ALWAYS need something from there!) but we still have a great time together and love hanging out with each other and Weston so we wouldn't trade it for any fancy night downtown! So here's Wes riding around the mall in his stroller. He is so much fun!
Thank you Lord for such a PRECIOUS gift!
carrots anyone?! :-)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!!! Much love!

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