Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We've had several different yucky plagues come into our house over the past few weeks. First Weston got sick with a nasty cold that he decided to share with me, and then I decided to share it with mom. We took Weston to the Dr. and he ended up having a double ear infection along with the cold, and they think he is starting with some asthma as well. boo! So our breathing treatment schedule went from 2x a day to 4x a day. She really wanted us to do 6x times a day but could you imagine having to do that 6x times a day? There's NO WAY!!!! Luckily we got to mix 2 of the meds to cut it down to 4x times a day. Then when mom went to the Dr. they told her she had the FLU! Carson never got any of that but what he did get was.......the stomach virus (dun-dun-duuuuuun). It was no good and I felt really bad for him! After lots of sprite, chicken noodle soup, tissues, medicines and saltine crackers here we are 3 weeks later and everyone is finally getting better! So thankful to be able to function (and breathe) again!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

that is way too much sickness to deal with!!! so glad you are better! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment so i could find you and your adorable family! by the way, i love the name westin. and also, reese was one of our girl names. we have a lot in common already! i am so going to follow you. : ) how do you know my sweet cindy?

Reese Ray said...

Great, how fun! :-) well, my husband and I are good friends with some of Billy and Cindy's good friends -Robby and Wendy Hurd. Robby is the worship pastor at our church, Westhills Church in GA, and he has asked them to come a couple of times to lead and do a worship retreat and things like that. We all just love them!