Thursday, March 25, 2010

Picture Update

Here are a few fun pictures of what we've been up to in February and March........
Playing with cousin Annabelle
Brock, Steven, Davis and Josh at Waffle House after duck hunting Wes and Anna playing again
Couldnt you just kiss all over that face forever?!?!
Wes and Aunt Gina
Playing outside on our snow day!!
He was eating snow!
Myles, Annabelle, Weston and Maddie. This picture makes me laugh!
Typical: Anna getting Wes and Maddie mommy-ing him!!
Playing at the ballfield
Sharing a blow pop with Aunt Jane mmmm
This was his first time going down the slide at the park. haha!
He doesnt look too sure about it!
Aurora Beth turns SIX!!!! Such a little lady!!!
Hope you enjoyed!!


Erin Ray said...

I swear...I could eat him!
And I love the typical picture...because that is SO TRUE!
Love it!

Sabrina said...

Great pictures!!! Your little guy is too cute.

Stephanie Heintz said...

Hey Laurice! I just saw your blog on your facebook. Your little man is way too cute! How fun you guys had babies at the same time! Annabelle is super cute too! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love his snow hat!!! westin is a handsome lil' fellow. what fun months you've had. you are adorable - has anyone said you look like jennifer love hewitt?! you do! i totally see it. which means, you and i must look alike b/c i get told that. ha!