Thursday, March 18, 2010

This and Thats

lots of randomness that's going on in my brain today :-) *Carson and I went to Carrabbas for our Anniversary dinner on Monday night. Its Thursday now and I am still thinking about the lobster macaroni and cheese I had. It was seriously the best meal I've ever had! *I'm sad that Lacey got kicked off American Idol last night. She isn't the best singer but I liked her and her funky clothes and hair. oh well. * Weston is CRAWLING!! He's not very fast yet but he's getting there. Its so hilarious to watch. He usually takes a few crawls and then does the army man since he's gotten so good at it! HA! *I'm in the mood to get the stuff to start on the crafts for Weston's 1st birthday party. I know its like 2 months away but I have lots of ideas and I want to get a head start on them! Its gonna be so fun! *We are leaving on the 27th (10 days) to go to San Diego. I'm have so many mixed emotions about this trip. I'm excited because I love to go places with Carson, we have so much fun together and San Diego is so awesome, beautiful, warm, fun etc. We will get to go to an Elevate church service while we're there. I am so proud of how well their ministry is doing and it will be awesome to finally get see it all in action! I have a plan of driving to Orange County/Coto and stalking around where the Real Housewives of Orange County hang out (I have sick love for them even though the show is such trashy drama!) But after church and a banquet on Sunday we will be leaving and helping Chris and Kelly move home from S.D. back to Georgia. This is such a bitter-sweet time for them because even though a part of them will be happy to come back, they have poured their lives out for Elevate and made so many life long friends that will miss so much! Please pray for them because I know this is hard. SOOOO we will be driving across country which will be a fun adventure, but I will be doing this WITHOUT WESTON :-(((((( He has only spent the night away from me one time so I'm having serious anxiety about leaving him! I know he will be just fine with his Mimi and Uncle Steven but its ME that's having the hard time! I'm gonna make mom send me a picture or video of him like every 5 minutes!! And because of the trip I am in the process of weaning from the pump too which makes me sad -but also makes me happy I wont have to carry that blasted thing around anymore! We have a love/hate relationship haha!! Anyways I guess that's it. Its nice outside today so hopefully we can go walk at the park when I get off work. Hope you're having a great Thursday!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

always love the updates! your carrabba's meal sounds delish! lacey hair definitely rocked... i totally agree. congrats weston on crawling!-it's such a sweet and fun time of discovery for them. sd is awesome... i'm from northern cali and i adore it. i'm sure it will be a great trip but it will be hard to be away from your baby! we left hunter in october for 10 days (gasp) because some people from our church flew us to venice, italy to sing in their wedding (yes, it was a free trip! woo hoo!). venice was nice and everything but it was so hard being away from my 8 month old. you will never be happier to see him when you get back! take care, sweet reese!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That macaroni dish sounds so yummy! :) I love San Diego...and want to go back someday! Just stumbled on your blog!

Sisters said...

lobster mac & cheese sounds most yummy!