Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Night Fun!

mmmmmmmmm. good!
Friday night we had a girls/babies hang out night at Erins house. We had so much fun eating, talking, and watching the babies play with each other. We kept laughing about how much our girls night have changed from the past! We still have a blast though no matter what we do and how could you not with these little cuties?!
Myles, Anna & Weston hanging out in their p.j.'s. cute cousins :-)
....and this is the funniest picture ever!!
I snapped it just as Myles was checking out my phone.
He is too smart and funny!!
It was a great Friday night!
Tonight we will be setting up at the church for our "Daughters of the King" Womens Retreat this weekend. All the decorations that everyone have been working on are gonna be BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait for it, and it will be so fun to get to spend time with the awesome women at our church! Its gonna be great!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From East to West to East again!

Finally posting some pictures of our trip last month! We flew out to San Diego on a Saturday and spent the week driving on Route 66 across the country with Chris and Kelly! It was so much fun! We stopped to take a picture at every state sign on the way, by the end of the week we got really good at rigging up our cameras and setting the timer! We ate at so many good places, and several from the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. We got to see so many awesome things on the way that we dont ever get to see. Im so glad we got to go on this trip with them!
ahhhhhhh. beautiful San Diego.....
This was our view for 5 days. Road and the back of Chris and Kelly's head. In Vegas in front of the Bellagio Hotel. It was my favorite! I would love to stay there one day! Carson winning big (NOT) at the Paris casino!
We got to meet up with my Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Rob and cousin Amy for brunch at Mimi's. It was so good to see them! We had a great visit!
Signs on the way to Hoover Dam. hehehe!
Carson and Chris sitting in the middle of Old Route 66.
Carson caught a real life tumbleweed. We dont see that every day in Georgia! Those things hurt!
Self portrait at their finest!
waaaaait fooooor iiiiiiiiittttt......
Finally Home sweet home!! YAY!!
This was definitely a trip to remember! :-)

Weston's 11 months today!

One more month till his first birthday. AHHHH! :-)
Mom always sends me pictures from her phone on days she keeps Weston. Here he is snoozing away and then here's his bed head after his nap! HA! So cute!!!
He got his first bottom tooth a few weeks ago and now the other bottom one and BOTH top ones are coming in. Even though I love the gummy smile, the new teethie smile is so cute too!
He is a super fast crawler now. He loves darting around the house to see what he can get into or pull up on next!
Loves getting to try new foods. Latest favorite is cinnamon raisin bread.
He just learned how to clap, dance and push his cars and trucks around all over the floor and make car noises. Its all so cute!
He loves to give sugar -big open mouth wet slobbery sugars!
He LOVES playing and being around other kids.
We had a great weekend: Friday night with girlfriends, pizza, ice cream and babies!
Saturday at Hobby Lobby to start getting things things for his first birthday party and then relaxing at home home cause it was so stormy!!
And Sunday we went to church, came home and had a cookout with the Brittons and played outside most of the day and then went to smallgroup. It was all so much fun!
We have a busy week this week with Westhills softball games an then getting ready for our Womens Retreat at church this weekend. We'll be there Thursday to help decorate and set up and then Friday and Saturday for the retreat. I am so looking forward to it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We made it back from our vacation this past Thursday. We had an AMAZING time the whole week and we got to see so many fun things on our cross country drive. It was good to make it home and squeeze and smooch all over Weston. He was happy to see us for about 5 minutes then he was ready to do cooler things like crawl around and play. HA!! I'll be sure to blog about our trip and share some of our cool and hilarious pictures when I have time. We had a GREAT Easter weekend just being busy and spending time with our families. Here are a few pics of Wes in his Easter outfit. He was adorable and SO MUCH FUN! He had a great first Easter! Hope everyone else did too!