Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To the BEACH!!!

This past weekend we took a mini vacation to Florida! We stayed at the Phillips beautiful beach bungalow. It was so beautiful and Van and Terri are hands down the BEST hosts you will ever have. We were treated and served and the whole time we were there! We had the best time and are so thankful they let us come see them! It was also Weston's first time to ever go to the beach so it was a special trip all around.
Here we are on the way down: driving, cheesing, and snoozing! Weston was an angel in the car and didn't cry one time the whole 6 hour drive!! He was amazed when I broke out the portable DVD player so that might have had a little something to do with it!
We got there around 12:30 on Thursday night and stayed up and visited for a while. And checked out the new house. It is so awesome (and I'm regretting not taking more pictures of it)!
Friday morning we got up and ate breakfast and got ready to head to the beach which is just across the street. I was so excited for Weston to see it! As soon as we walked up to it he was smiling, jabbering and waving to the water. Here are some pictures of his first ocean waves! He was so pumped!
He spent his time crawling EVERYWHERE, playing with his toys, and eating sand covered snacks. He loved the beach so much!
Building sand stuff with da-da!
We spend most of the day there and just hung around the house and grilled hot dogs that night. It was a great day!
He played SO hard the whole time we were there and got worn-slap-out!
So he took lots of good naps!
This is his "CHEESE" face!
We went driving around on Saturday and spent some time walking around Seaside.
Its one of my favorite places.
Van, Terri & Weston
We had the best time!! Cant wait to do it again!