Monday, July 25, 2011


This picture was taken on Weston's first day of school at Little Wildcats!
He was cheesing and so excited to go bye-bye!
Weston is officially in his 3rd week of "school" and going strong! I cannot even tell you how nervous I was for him and so worried that he would be scared and think we were never coming back for him!!
I have prayed so hard that he would really like it there and so far he has done great! He was so excited to go at first and didn't cry at all! Since then he has cried some when we drop him off but his teacher said he doesn't cry long at all, and that he's been having good days! I know that one big things that have helped is that cousin Annabelle is there too and they get to be in the same class! YAY!!! They are the sweetest cousins and they are very close, so I know that its comforting for Weston to get to have her with him all day. I am sooooo glad. I cannot even describe what a relief it is for us that he has been doing good so far in "school" :-)

"Chattanooga, this week-eeeeeend"

This past weekend we randomly decided to take a little trip to Chattanooga to take Wes to the aquarium and to the zoo there. We left early Friday afternoon and headed for the aquarium.
Weston was so excited when we got there and loved seeing all the different fish and animals. He liked the stingrays and even tried to pet them.
The tightwad in me did NOT want to splurge on the nice hotel room but I'm sooo glad we did! It was super nice!! I think Weston was just as excited about the room and the giant bed as he was about everything else!
then we went down for a little pool time....
Weston made 2 sweet little friends at the pool that he had so much fun playing with.
He cried for them when we all had to leave!
We got up Saturday morning and went to the zoo. It was pretty hot but we played it smart and got there early so we weren't miserable. It worked out perfect.
We could not believe how pretty these jaguars were, but they kept pacing back and forth in front of the window and purring really loud. It was kinda scary! But it was still really neat!
We left the zoo and Carson had to make a stop at the Sportsman's Warehouse to check out the duck hunting gear and shotgun shells and then we headed towards home. I love that it was only a 2 hour drive. Its was so nice and fun to do something out of our norm. I told Carson it felt like we had gone on vacation and we were only gone for 1 night!
We will have to do it again sometime soon. It was so much fun!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Weston!!

Weston turned 2 years old on May 27th. We had a birthday party for him the next day at our house. So many of our sweet friends and family came and it was so much fun! We had a cookout and did a Lightning McQueen theme since Lightning is his absolute favorite! I think all the kids had a really good time playing together. It was kind of hot that day but we scheduled the party for 6:00 hoping it would be a little cooler by then. By the time the party started the weather was perfect and it felt so nice outside. I was so thankful after last years party got stormed out and we were all trapped in the house!
Here are some pictures of the day. My sweet friend Amanda came and took pictures for us so we wouldn't have to worry about it. She did such a wonderful job! Thank you Amanda!!
And I cant even begin to say how precious it was when we sang Happy Birthday to him.
He was just SO excited!!
pinata time!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Most days when I'm at work I am itching to get home to Carson and Weston. Its the best time of the day! Usually when I get home I spend a few minutes unloading all of our stuff from the day and trying to pick up a little bit of the tornado we left from getting ready in the morning.
I love to cook but on days I have to work I usually try to make quick and simple dinners so I don't have to spend any more time than I have to cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. After that we usually try to squeeze in as much together time as possible. I love that its warm right now because most evenings we stay outside until its starts getting dark (or when we get tired of being eaten alive my mosquitoes). So here are some pictures we've taken (mostly on our phones) over the last few weeks of our evenings.
Weston playing with his Tonka trucks
No little boy can resist a good puddle
Weston's Nana and Paw Paw gave him the swing set that was in their yard and a new car swing as an early birthday present. He has been LOVING that thing and has spent so much time in it already! It's been alot of fun to see him enjoy it so much.
then we come in for bath time - another one of Weston's favorite things.
We usually lay out his diaper, jammas, lotion or whatever we need on our bed and bring him straight there after his bath. As soon as we lay him down to get dressed its like something snaps and he starts going wild! His little nakie self crawls, jumps and bounces all over the bed, he burrows himself under the pillows, flips all over the place and cracks up laughing the whole time! It is SO funny to watch!!
Then after the sheer torture of actually having to get dressed we usually snuggle on the couch with some milk and one of his favorite movies on until he gets sleepy and ready for bed, or just falls asleep. This is how I found him a few nights ago after a long day of playing:
face down, hair still wet, Doc in one hand...
and of course Lightning McQueen in the other hand. TOO SWEET!!
This is what most of our evenings are like!