Tuesday, February 22, 2011

busy stuff

Here's Wes enjoying some cupcake.
I let him have one after dinner two nights in a row and he LOVED them!!
I'm guessing he'll love sweets like his mama.
My brain is full from thinking of all the things that are coming up in the next 5 weeks.....
Feb 27 we are hosting a bridal shower for Abi, March 5th is Livi's birthday party and Sage & Stacie's wedding, March 11-13 we will be in Sevierville, TN for Maddie's cheer leading competition, March 17th is Abi's Lingerie shower at my house, 17-19th Batchelorette Trip to the mountains and Jackson's birthday party, then the 26 will be the wedding. Not to mention all the in-between of shopping for supplies, cleaning for company, cooking and just getting ready in general- whew, I'm tired just thinking about it all! So pretty much Abi is taking over our lives right now! haha j/k! but we are so excited to be able to do these things for one of our bff's and actually get to spend some time together -that's what I'm MOST excited about!!
Oh and this past weekend was my sweet little niece's 2nd birthday party! We had so much fun! You can read about it and see pictures here on my SIL's blog. We will be celebrating her real birthday tomorrow night too! Love that little cutie!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Teaser

We have SO been enjoying the streak of warm sunny weather we've had lately. It has been so nice and we've been trying to get outside as much as possible. One of Weston's favorite things to do is walk around the yard and the field behind our house. He's always got to have stuff in his hands like sticks, rocks, leaves, sidewalk chalk cars; you name it and he'll hold on to it. If he could make a wish it would probably be for more hands to hold his stuff with!
The Thomas outfit was a gift from Great Grandma Waddington. Even though its a blazing "character" outfit I think its so cute on him and Wes likes to wear his choo-choo shirt :-)
I hope we have lots more weather like this!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleepover with Cole

A few weeks ago we had the priveledge of Cole-man coming to spend the night with us! Britton Kids love to spend the night off and they always want to come BY THEMSELVES-no other brothers of sisters allowed! So this time it was Cole's turn to come BY HIMSELF and he was pumped! I picked him up after work and we came home had pizza, played and watched movies. Weston was SO excited to have one of the "bubbas" over!
He wanted me to take his picture with my phone
(notice Carson with a snuggie on in the background HAHA!!)
Weston blinked but I still thought this was so cute!
So we all piled in my bed to go to sleep and Weston kept getting right next to Cole and snuggling with him. When he woke up the next morning he sat up, looked to make sure Cole was still here, pulled his nu-nu out and smiled the biggest smile. It was like he was saying "yay, he's still here!" Too sweet!!!
The next day we played some more, watched some more movies and had Happy Meals for lunch. We had such a fun time with Cole!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In January we got the chance to fly to Utah to see some of our family. I cannot even to tell you how great of a time we had!!! Obviously Utah is very far away from Georgia and we dont get the chance to see our family often enough. So we were so happy to have the opportunity to go for 5 days! It was great! We got to have a huge family lunch together, spend time just hanging out, see some cool things and of course EAT tons of good stuff.

Some highlights of our trips were.......... *Seeing lots of family, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, babies and friends *Getting to stay at Rob and Toni's house *The beautiful snowy mountains *Rock band and Just Dance (Steven and Carson kicking tail to some MC Hammer and Kris Kross) *Cabela's *Dinner at Aunt Kathy's house and Dan teaching me to make authentic green chili (I still need to practice that!) *La Frontera and Dairy Delight -if you are EVER in Tooele, Utah you have to eat at both of those places! * And the sweetest of all was Cousin Collin being attached to me the whole time, playing with my ponytail and his great lines like "what you talkin bout boy?" So here are lots of pictures of it all!

Mom and Steven waiting at the airport
Weston LOVED the airplanes
First airplane ride!
This is what it looks like everywhere out there. Its so beautiful!
Our family lunch
This is my Grandmother, Aunts & Uncle
Cousins - we're missing several, there are tons of us!
This is Grandma at her best! too cute!
La Frontera-smothered burrito on a homemade tortilla. Are you kidding me?!?!
Dairy Delight- Steven's hamburger was bigger than my head.....
and he killed it! "This one's for man!"
Our little sweet Collin Michael, he is TOO precious!
And this was on the way home.
We had the best time. I cant wait to be able to see everyone again!!