Tuesday, February 22, 2011

busy stuff

Here's Wes enjoying some cupcake.
I let him have one after dinner two nights in a row and he LOVED them!!
I'm guessing he'll love sweets like his mama.
My brain is full from thinking of all the things that are coming up in the next 5 weeks.....
Feb 27 we are hosting a bridal shower for Abi, March 5th is Livi's birthday party and Sage & Stacie's wedding, March 11-13 we will be in Sevierville, TN for Maddie's cheer leading competition, March 17th is Abi's Lingerie shower at my house, 17-19th Batchelorette Trip to the mountains and Jackson's birthday party, then the 26 will be the wedding. Not to mention all the in-between of shopping for supplies, cleaning for company, cooking and just getting ready in general- whew, I'm tired just thinking about it all! So pretty much Abi is taking over our lives right now! haha j/k! but we are so excited to be able to do these things for one of our bff's and actually get to spend some time together -that's what I'm MOST excited about!!
Oh and this past weekend was my sweet little niece's 2nd birthday party! We had so much fun! You can read about it and see pictures here on my SIL's blog. We will be celebrating her real birthday tomorrow night too! Love that little cutie!!

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