Tuesday, April 26, 2011


"Badge" is the nickname given to my brother by his friends when he started in the police academy...and it has stuck. Its pretty funny though! Last week our family had the privilege of going to his promotion ceremony at the Police Department where he works. He got promoted to Corporal so he will be one of the leaders of his shift. We are so proud of Steven! He is such a great guy, a hard worker, a great big brother and even more awesome uncle (or "Guncle" as Weston would say). The Chief of Police was so nice and had so many nice things to say about Steven. He was also one of his professors in college, and he said he knew from the beginning he would love to have Steven be a part of his Department.
The ceremony was in a small conference room that was kinda crowded and Weston was a pistol during most of the ceremony. He screamed during the prayer AND Pledge of Allegiance AND if anyone tried to hold him. GEEZ! It was making me sweat haha!! But we were so glad to be able to be there anyways!
Steven and his Captain and Chief
They let my mom pin his new badge on him
Steven and Chief Manseur
Our family
And this is Steven's shift he had to leave. They have all become really good friends, and I know he's gonna miss getting to work with them!
Good Job Steven!
We're all so proud of you!!!