Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had such a busy but FUN Easter weekend filled with lots of Jesus, friends, family, food and egg hunts!
Saturday morning started off with our small group getting together at the Hanes' house. We all brought our kiddos, a side dish and eggs. It was such a fun time to be together. I love our group and Brittany is such a sweet hostess!
Wendy & Laney Claire, Brittany & Rhett, Brittany & Livi, Jen & Tayler, Kristin & Katelynn
then Erin & Annabelle and Me and Weston Then we came home to rest and get ready for the next round. Dinner at Nana & Paw-Paws! We all hung out, ate, hunted eggs, and went to see all their horses and dogs. The kids had so much fun playing together! This is Weston's new favorite thing to do: He pulls his fists down and says "YESSSS" but it actually sounds more like "ettthhh" with his little lisp. It is so cute and funny!
This is all the cousins on Carson's mom's side. Aren't they all so cute?!
Tryston, Weston, Jett, Annabelle, Neleigh, Alexis, Gauge and Payton
Then I headed over to Janes to help her do some things to get ready for Sunday. Here's a picture of all the kids dying eggs! It was so fun and they made such cute eggs!
Sunday after church we went to the Britton's house for a YUMMY lunch and another egg hunt. We had a great time and laughed ALOT!
Jennifer hiding eggs
Jane and Carson hiding eggs
Weston really didn't care about hunting eggs all weekend, he just wanted to walk around and play with sticks and rocks!
Maddie and Zoe
the boys
Brock's loot
and we take this picture every year of the kids in the grass with their eggs. CUTE!
and we finished the day with some wiffle ball, and then home for Carson to pack for Honduras.
Their group left this morning!

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