Friday, May 13, 2011


Most days when I'm at work I am itching to get home to Carson and Weston. Its the best time of the day! Usually when I get home I spend a few minutes unloading all of our stuff from the day and trying to pick up a little bit of the tornado we left from getting ready in the morning.
I love to cook but on days I have to work I usually try to make quick and simple dinners so I don't have to spend any more time than I have to cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. After that we usually try to squeeze in as much together time as possible. I love that its warm right now because most evenings we stay outside until its starts getting dark (or when we get tired of being eaten alive my mosquitoes). So here are some pictures we've taken (mostly on our phones) over the last few weeks of our evenings.
Weston playing with his Tonka trucks
No little boy can resist a good puddle
Weston's Nana and Paw Paw gave him the swing set that was in their yard and a new car swing as an early birthday present. He has been LOVING that thing and has spent so much time in it already! It's been alot of fun to see him enjoy it so much.
then we come in for bath time - another one of Weston's favorite things.
We usually lay out his diaper, jammas, lotion or whatever we need on our bed and bring him straight there after his bath. As soon as we lay him down to get dressed its like something snaps and he starts going wild! His little nakie self crawls, jumps and bounces all over the bed, he burrows himself under the pillows, flips all over the place and cracks up laughing the whole time! It is SO funny to watch!!
Then after the sheer torture of actually having to get dressed we usually snuggle on the couch with some milk and one of his favorite movies on until he gets sleepy and ready for bed, or just falls asleep. This is how I found him a few nights ago after a long day of playing:
face down, hair still wet, Doc in one hand...
and of course Lightning McQueen in the other hand. TOO SWEET!!
This is what most of our evenings are like!

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