Monday, July 25, 2011


This picture was taken on Weston's first day of school at Little Wildcats!
He was cheesing and so excited to go bye-bye!
Weston is officially in his 3rd week of "school" and going strong! I cannot even tell you how nervous I was for him and so worried that he would be scared and think we were never coming back for him!!
I have prayed so hard that he would really like it there and so far he has done great! He was so excited to go at first and didn't cry at all! Since then he has cried some when we drop him off but his teacher said he doesn't cry long at all, and that he's been having good days! I know that one big things that have helped is that cousin Annabelle is there too and they get to be in the same class! YAY!!! They are the sweetest cousins and they are very close, so I know that its comforting for Weston to get to have her with him all day. I am sooooo glad. I cannot even describe what a relief it is for us that he has been doing good so far in "school" :-)


Bumber's Bumblings said...

I'm so glad he is doing so well! we started B 2x a week, full day, in April. We had a similar thing, the first week he was fine, the second & third week he cried, after that no problem at all.

Be prepared that he could have some hitting/pushing issues. That came out about B's 3rd&4th week there. It lasted a few weeks, but is, thankfully, over!!

He will learn so much and come home soo tired!!

Erin Ray said...

I'm so glad Weston's transition to school has gone so well! And you know Annabelle loves Mommy-ing him all day :)
Bryson better wath his back! HA!