Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Never mind the fact that I have not blogged since July 2011. Oh well! For so many reasons I'm just feeling super sentimental and weepy and emotional and thankful today, and feeling the need to vent it out.

- My mom turned 50 on Thursday. I cant even tell you what a blessing she is to us. She is just always there for us and goes above and beyond and I am so thankful for her!

- My little Weston graduated from Pre-K on Friday. Then he went and turned five years old on me today. I could cry just thinking about a fun little sweetheart he is. He brings us joy and make us laugh. Everything he does comes from a pure heart. His love and his fun and even that fiery little temper of his. He loves making friends and has a handful of very best friends that he loves so much. I pray that he will always see Jesus in me and then forgive me when he doesn't. I want nothing more than to be the very best momma to him cause he's been the best little boy to me.

- Carson and I got to sneak away Sunday night and go see David Crowder play at Passion City Church. It was so packed we had to walk a mile, stand for 2 hours and then walk a mile back, but it was fun! Our time alone is few and far between so I was thankful to get to spend some time with him laughing and hanging out. And the show was awesome too!
- Another thing is that my dear best friend/sister Jane and her man Scott offered for us to have Weston's birthday/Mom's Surprise party bash at their house. They let all our friends and family come over and even fried fish for us. That's a pretty big deal and I was just really overwhelmed and grateful for them to offer to do something that nice for us. Everything was perfect! I am thankful for them.
- Lastly, I am in the process of weaning my almost one year old. Even though its been alot of extra time and and alot of work; waking up 45 minutes early to pump, and pump before bed even though I'm exhausted, and lug that joker to work every single day and all that jazz, its just sad to be almost done with it. There is just something about God growing a baby in your tummy and then even after they're born you are still their source of nourishment that is so precious. And when its over it means that your baby is slowly but surely growing up. waaahhhhh.
So that cyberspace is why I am feeling weepy and sentimental today. I'm just so thankful and love everyone so much!!!!!!! I think I'll go find some chocolate or some cookies or something now!

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Maggie said...

Aw Laurice! You are so sweet and that is why your babies are.. because it is all they know :) Hats off to you for pumping for a year!! So much work but such a perfect gift!